Our island displays combine metal, wood and other materials to create the look & feel our clients desire. Lighting is increasingly incorporated for certain retail segments.
A combination of standard nesting table with laminated mdf table top and metal framing, rubber matt wrapped platform with storage, and a locker type design platform with storage as well
Wood laminated table with cabinet storage and glass showcase display
Powdercoated metal framing with wooden panels and carpeted platforms
Black finish nesting table with expanded metal side panels and laminated mdf platform
Highlight end module using different levels of nesting table and wood crates with a wood laminated back panel to dress up the metal gondola
Powdercoated metal framing with wood laminated base board accents for hanging different kinds of apparel
Powdercoated metal display rack in different heights with acrylic risers and box signages
Laminated display module with slotted slim metal posts for optional use of shelf or accessories display and high baseboard with open storage